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4 Communication Strategies To Encourage Remote Team Engagement

It is difficult enough to keep employees engaged, even if they share the same physical space. Managers may have to make it even harder to encourage telecommuting. Effective collaboration is key to productivity.

These communication strategies can be used to inspire commitment from your team, regardless of remote work situation.

1. Make the most of the latest conferencing technology

Email can be used for some business interactions. However, if remote teams are worried about their obligations and goals because they rely on sporadic communication, a conferencing platform might be an option.

Compare and contrast the different packages available from the top conference call providers to determine which one is best for you. Consider factors such as your team size, budget and which collaboration tools you are most comfortable with. Telecommuting can be eliminated by using voice and video calls to hold virtual meetings. This will increase engagement and reduce the time required for telecommuting.

2. Regular updates

Remote work can feel isolating. Managers need to communicate frequently in order to make sure everyone feels included and not left behind.

Even if there isn’t much new information, it can be a great way to avoid discontent.

3. Get feedback

This will make a huge difference in team engagement by letting them know they can voice their concerns, seek additional support or just stay in touch with their managers and colleagues while working remotely.

It is important to not assume everyone knows you can help them if they have any comments. Instead, make it clear that you are asking for permission to ensure that employees feel comfortable enough to speak to you.

4. Encourages virtual expression of emotions

Digital communication methods can often remove the emotional connection, especially if they are solely based on text. Video conferencing is only a temporary solution. It’s worth encouraging others to express your feelings.

Instant messaging platforms use emojis and other multimedia. A smiley face, thumbs-up, or funny GIF can make a difference between a dull or even lame message and one that is warm and positive.

This small, but important opportunity to improve your communication strategy could pay big. Happy workers make for more productive teams.

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